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Musing On A Mass Extinction (Poetry Book & Digital Spoken Word Album)

A poetry book: "Musing On A Mass Extinction" by Andy the Doorbum. It includes a digital download of the 1hr 8min long Spoken Word Album of the same name that serves as the audio book for this release featuring soundscapes and music by Andy the Doorbum.

The writings contained in this book include topics that some people may find disturbing, including sexual abuse and violence. These topics are mentioned as a way for me to deal with my own past experiences and the experience of existing in a world where they are all too common. They are in no way being condoned. The sometimes stark portrayal of this subject matter is meant to make the uncomfortable nature of them unavoidable in an attempt to draw into focus the brutality of the power dynamics in our social structures that lead to a vast amount of human suffering. This approach is my personal way of confronting these issues and may not be suitable for everyone. I hope this enables the reader to make an informed decision about the content they are about to encounter and whether or not they wish to be exposed to it.