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THE GLUT OF GOLDEN AGES (3-Color 5-Layer Silkscreened 12" Vinyl)

This EXTREMELY LIMITED release via Stencil Trash Records in Germany is a 1 sided 12" that is a 3 color/5 layer silkscreen print on clear vinyl in a transparent PVC foil. There are only 100 made in total and they are all hand-numbered. There are 30 available here for those wishing to order from the United States.

This record includes 2 alternate versions of pieces from the Book "Musing On A Mass Extinction" and two unreleased songs, one of which is the first draft of a song that will most likely appear on my new album (though that record will be several moths before it will potentially be released).


IMPORTANT NOTE: The art on this record was designed by Nils Trash from Stencil Trash record and carved into an original wooden piece that was rendered for the printing. It was inspired by mixing one of the masks that I have worn in past performances that was made by Sarah Sitkin and a traditional triple-faced mask that was made by the Lega (or Warega) people of the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. In honor of the Lega people whose culture and art served as an inspiration for the artwork featured here I will be donating $5 from every record that I personally sell through this store to the Free The Slaves organization working to end the economic suffering and forced or coerced labor of impoverished peoples (with a specific focus on women suffering forced marriage or sex slavery) in several key regions of the world, with one of their main focuses being the Eastern part of the DRC.

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